Our approach to therapy in New York

We’re passionate about helping our clients connect: with us, with the people in their lives, and, most importantly, with themselves. 

We view therapy as a profound learning experience. We help individuals and couples connect with their resilience, learn new coping skills, and cultivate the relationships they want (and deserve).

Above all, we help our clients get comfortable with being uncomfortable. After all, you can’t grow if you’re stuck in the same old patterns and behaviors. Sound like we might be a fit for each other? We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we connect. 


How we work together

During our work together, we’ll use a relational lens to make sense of your challenges (and strengths). We believe that relationships can say a lot about a person, so understanding how you connect to other people will be the framework of our time in therapy. 

We’ll explore your relationships with all of the important people in your life, including your family, friends, intimate partners, and coworkers. All of these connections can reflect important truths about how you view yourself and the world.

Beyond your bonds with other people, we’ll also explore your relationship with yourself. How do you talk to yourself? How do you take care of yourself? How do you relate to your body and food? It’s okay if you don’t know the answers to these questions–that’s what therapy is for.

Since our focus is on relationships, we also put a great deal of time and attention into cultivating our therapeutic relationships. We prioritize creating a warm, nonjudgmental environment where you will be supported to be your true self.

Making strong therapeutic connections allows us to be “tough” therapists at times. Since we’ll create a solid bond together, you can count on us to challenge you and point out hard truths. It’s all in the name of supporting your personal growth and helping you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

Who we help

We enjoy helping adults, individuals and couples alike. Here are just a few examples of issues we can work through in New York therapy. 

How we help

We work with each client individually to create a customized treatment plan. Your needs, desires, boundaries, and expectations will be taken into account as part of my collaborative process. With that being said, here are a few of the treatment methods we use in our work.

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Learn how to find comfort in the discomfort with the help of a New York therapist

If you resonate with our approach to therapy, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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